Steep lawyer fees in Croatia have devastating consequences such as:

Croatia is not able to secure legal protection to its citizens in reasonable time; therefore it cannot be regarded as a state governed by the rule of law. Due to lack of legal security and extremely high lawyer fees, economic activities are reduced to a minimum. It is just the question of time when banks and the entire economic system will collapse. It is not acceptable for Croatia, a prospective EU member, to violate human rights due to the longevity of court proceedings on the one side, and on the other to offer a small group of lawyers to earn a fortune by misusing a rather desperate situation of the Croatian people. It is against the rule for a lawyers’ association to have legislative authority regarding lawyer fees. The obvious evidence of authority misuse are lawyer fees 20 times higher than in Germany but with court fees 100 times lower than in Germany. Find out more by reading the Report.


The signatories demand from the Croatian government and the Croatian Parliament to pass a law which shall regulate lawyer fees in accordance with the German model. This will prevent further looting of Croatian citizens and legal entities, destruction of economy and violation of human right. At the same time, we ask the EU Commission and the EU Parliament to give support to our demands and make the fulfilment of our demands a precondition for the Croatian membership in the EU.